Cause and effect. Exploring these principles of the mind is what drives Nathan Uphoff. A glimpse of the mysteries in human behavior is key to his work. Each project has a reaction in mind, the action that might provoke it is what follows. Reactions that follow are being processed into future work. However the goal may vary this base is no different between his art or design.

Form follows function. Aesthetics are merely to set the mood providing perspective and context. Media used to accommodate an experience. Nathan’s artistic work triggers emotion in an immersive way, ignorance is not an option. Design a suit tailored to the human being in pursue of invisibility.

Less is more. Distractions deteriorate the message, affect the subject. Each decision made with the upmost precision. Failing to add equals subtraction, something that won’t be allowed. Unless confusion is what’s been aimed for it has no place in Nathan’s work.